Mary Beth Collins

Executive Director, Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies

Mary Beth Collins, J.D., M.A., is the Executive Director of the UW-Madison Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies (the "CommNS"). She has dedicated much of her career and free time to the “third sector,” working as a teacher, attorney, and nonprofit director to advance the strength and well-being of communities, families, and mission-based enterprises. In her current role, she works with the CommNS team and collaborators to harness university assets in authentic collaboration with community partners to promote a better third sector, a better Wisconsin, and a better world. Mary Beth also develops and delivers graduate-level courses, leveraging her extensive network to bring community and practitioner wisdom to the classroom and prepare students for their careers as effective change agents in a complex world.

Feb. 15, 2021


With the publication of the 2019 Wisconsin Civic Health Index this past summer, Wisconsin joins 30 other U.S. states in measuring…

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