Nonprofits and Java evolved from an idea while working from home in this COVID-19 quarantined, socially distanced world we’re in. There are many aspects of our day-to-day that can be very easily accomplished from home. However, what's missing turns out to be a very important part of our day.

As a nonprofit management educator, that involves connecting to the community around me, and learning more about what’s going on in the nonprofit, community organizing, grass-roots world – not just in my home of Milwaukee – but around the state of Wisconsin.

My colleagues, friends, and I would sit down in a coffee shop somewhere and compare notes on what was going on in their world, what was going on in mine – and learn more about the community around us.

The rewarding part of those conversations is to see their eyes spark, and hear their voices lift as I saw the passion behind what they do.

I’ve invited a number of my friends from all different walks – the arts, public health, social justice, philanthropy, and more – to (for now) sit down in a virtual coffee and reconnect and find out what we can learn – what you can learn – as we explore the passion behind the communities we live in.

My hope is that this becomes an introduction into the nonprofit world and the people who work so hard behind the scenes to support and build the societies around us.


 - Bryce Lord

About the Host

Bryce Lord


Bryce Lord is the Associate Director of the Helen Bader Institute (HBI) for Nonprofit Management at the University of Wisconsin (UWM). Bryce oversees the community outreach programming for HBI. In addition, he serves as the Department Manager of the Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration at UWM. He holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management and Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies, both from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.